In the aftermath of recent weather conditions, the Treasure Valley now has to deal with a pressing concern – a hazardous road obstacle that comes up every year around this time and demands immediate attention.

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Idaho is home to some of the worst potholes in the nation, ranking as the 8th worst state in America for getting potholes and taking care of potholes, according to this article.

While seasoned locals might be more familiar with handling these problems year after year, everyone needs the friendly heads-up and reminder in order to avoid potential accidents and vehicle damage. The most important thing is to stay alert on the roads.


Avoid potholes when you can and when it's safe to do so. But when it's impossible to avoid the potholes, reduce your speed, squarely hit the obstacle, release the brakes, and roll right through. This technique minimizes impact speed, allowing the suspension to effectively absorb the shock and not ruin your vehicle.

It is imperative to not slam on your breaks or quickly steer into other lanes and driving areas, as these reactions can cause serious accidents. Rather, cautiously slow down. Again, the most important thing is to stay alert and drive safely.

This is as a crucial reminder because potholes will appear unexpectedly in areas where we aren't used to seeing them. For example, you likely drive the same roads and routes every day. Well, in places that were previously obstacle-free, hazardous potholes may have now surfaced, so be careful and stay alert.

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