What's the most popular and most-sold vehicle in the entire state of Idaho? Let's take a look! When it comes to traversing the landscapes of Idaho, there's one vehicle series in 2024 that stands out above the rest, capturing the hearts of residents across the state.

In a recent study conducted by Cheap Insurance and Stacker Studio, data reveals a clear frontrunner in Idaho's automotive landscape. This particular vehicle has earned the trust and loyalty of Idahoans, with a combination of performance, versatility, and affordability that is unmatched in the market, according to data.

Ford F-Series

Strong Pickup Truck Sales Power Ford To 63 Percent Rise In Q3 Net Income
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From busy city streets to remote mountain trails, this vehicle is equally at home conquering rugged terrains and commutes to work. Here's what Stacker share about this vehicle series:

- Combined MPG: 20 miles per gallon
- Cost to drive: $216/mo
- Price range: $43,515 - $77,980

With its impressive fuel efficiency and extremely wide range of customizable options, it offers Idahoans the perfect blend of practicality, style, and performance.

After reading this, you're likely going to see these trucks everywhere! When you're cruising around the Treasure Valley, it's hard not to notice just how many of these trucks are on the roads, as hundreds of thousands of Idahoans own Ford trucks.

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