In another sign that Summer is on the way, our friends in Twin Falls have made their annual invitation to the state and the nation. It's official the 'Niagara of the West' returns with its famous live light show. The show is a fan favorite with the help of the city of Twin Falls, Idaho Power, and Idaho Central Credit Union.

Today is the first day that you can see this annual event. Shoshone Falls After Dark runs from April 27th-30th, May 4th-7th, and May 12th and May 13th.  Famous Idaho DJ Eric Rhodes will provide the world class music.

The Shoshone Falls light show sells out every year, according to a release from the Southern Idaho Tourism. Unlike other attractions, the drive to the falls is relatively easy from the Treasure Valley.

What's the Size of Shoshone Falls?

Idaho can boast that its falls is larger than the famous Niagara Falls that borders of Canada and the United States. Shoshone is 212 feet tall which is 36 feet higher than its east coast cousin. For years, folks from around the world have dubbed Shoshone the 'Niagara of the West.

Folks are encouraged to get their tickets now for the merging of light, natural beauty, and music this spring. You can get more information and purchase your tickets by clicking the link here.

A Team Effort

Idaho Central Credit Unions Chief Marketing Officer Michael Watson expressed the excitement of another year in Twin Falls. "Shoshone Falls is one of Idaho's most beloved places, he said in the release. Professionally illuminating the falls after hours is an opportunity we are thrilled to continue to be a part of."

Folks will have the opportunity to see the light show until 10:30pm and the show will run for twenty minutes.

Shoshone Falls After Dark

The presenters have partnered with Midnight Production Studios in Twin Falls to immerse visitors in lights, music, and the natural beauty of Shoshone Falls. Plus, they're adding more lights this time so more of the park becomes part of the show.

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