As Halloween approaches, should we confront our deepest fears, Boise? There have been recent studies that claim to know each state's "most Googled phobias," and we of course wanted to find out what Idaho's is. There are a number of common fears that are taken into consideration; from the fear of holes to the dread of blood, our nation's phobias are diverse and vary throughout each state.

What fear is the most Googled fear in Idaho?

The Fear of Heights

According to Google Trends and multiple studies that have been published this month, the most searched for fear in Idaho is the fear of heights.

Photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash
Photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash

This is likely the most Googled fear in Idaho due to a combination of geographical and psychological factors. Our stunning landscapes have a lot of towering mountains, cliffs, and deep canyons, making it a place where exposure to heights is more common. That said, Idahoans might be more inclined to seek information and resources to overcome their fear of heights.

What are more common fears searched for in Idaho and other states?

With competitive jobs and a relentless pursuit of success, atychiphobia, the fear of failure, is prevalent in Idaho, and so is the fear of public speaking. In other states, the top fears that were searched for consist of... fear of holes, fear of the dark, and fear of vomiting.

And the oddest of them all... the fear of long words. Yes, the fear of long words was the most searched for fear in Arkansas and Kentucky. All of a sudden the fear of heights doesn't seem too strange, does it Idaho? Enjoy your spooky season!

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