According to the U.S. Travel Association, Americans collectively let 768 million vacation days go to waste in 2018. We’d love to act astonished by that number, but the truth is some of those vacation days are ones that we let go to waste ourselves. 

Self-admittedly, we’re workaholics that hate being away from the station more than a couple of days at a time. We can’t speak for your industry, but trying to work ahead in radio to make sure all the “i”s are dotted and “t”s are crossed before taking a few days off is so exhausting that it barely seems worth it. Often, we’re still working a few hours a night even while we’re away. 

That said, this year, we’re going to try and burn as many vacation days as we can this year and it seems that many other Americans are trying to do the same. According to research done by Allianz Partners, 57% of Americans have taken a vacation of at least a week to a destination a minimum of 100 miles from their home within the last year. That’s the highest percentage since 51% of Americans said they did in 2009. 

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And maybe that’s because employees aren’t burnt out. Many industries are short-handed, forcing the employees they do have to work longer hours and pick up more responsibilities. Working from home or in a hybrid situation for an extended period of time really blurred the lines between when it was or wasn’t appropriate to shut down the work laptop and e-mail. Both of these situations are draining! 

With more and more awareness about mental health and self-care than years ago, people are finally saying “enough” which has resulted in the new phenomenon called “quiet quitting.” Quiet quitting is described as employees doing the bare minimum they can to not lose their jobs. They’re not raising their hand to go above and beyond. Are these people lazy? We’d be willing to bet most of them aren’t. They’re actively taking a step forward to preserve their mental health when they’re already feeling depleted. 

Sometimes a vacation can be that reset they need! That said, we know now that school is back in session, and taking a week-long vacation away from the Treasure Valley is unrealistic for many families. But burning a PTO day on a Friday and doing a long staycation weekend somewhere in Boise? With virtually no travel time to factor into the equation, that seems doable. 

Image via AirBnb
Image via AirBnb

Well…we found the perfect place for you to plan that staycation! At $600+ a night, it may be pricy but this luxury Airbnb has some very cool amenities to make it just as appealing as staying somewhere as fancy as say…Shore Lodge! Guests who’ve stayed there love it. It has a nearly perfect 4.98-star rating!

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