Jordan Davis just dropped his self-titled EP featuring 6 songs today (May 22). He shared during his virtual interview with The Bobby Bones Show that one of the songs on the new record is his favorite song he's ever written.

"Church In A Chevy" is the song that Davis shared he wanted to write for a long time. He felt like on this EP and right now was the perfect time to write it and put it out. The song is inspired by his relationship with God and finding time in the day to connect with him. For Davis, that's when he's driving in his truck. He feels most in-tune in his relationship with God when he's driving by himself and clearing his head. Davis also shared the inspiration behind another song on the EP "Almost Maybes." His said this song is about all of his past relationships that didn't go well, that got him to the point where he is now with his wife and child.

As far as what Davis has been up to since being in quarantine, it definitely hasn't been shaving his beard. He confessed that he thought about shaving his beard while in quarantine, but because of all of the new album photo shoots and things they've done with his beard, he didn't want to upset his team. He joked that they probably would have been angry if he came out of quarantine freshly shaven.

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