So, we're broadcasting live at the Fred Meyer in Boise collecting donations for those less fortunate and you'll never guess what happened.


As we jumped on the air here at Fred Meyer in Boise asking for blankets, clothes, food, etc to help our good friends at The Boise Rescue Mission this sweet little lady named Kat came and sat down with us.  We took her on the air with us and she pulled out this old, ragged bag with a bunch of miscellaneous items.


Elizabeth - Donations

She handed us an umbrella, socks, some mints, little old gift cards that hand random amounts left on them, and more.  Then she started to tear up and explained that she's homeless.  No home, no heat, no food, her fingers were all split open at the ends from the cold weather outside.  Her face was rough and tough from all the years she's been homeless.  Her clothes were half wet from all the rain and as she explained to us why she was giving, she just couldn't hold back the tears.


Kat gives because others give to her.  She heard about Hope For The Holidays on our station and she had received items that she didn't need and wanted to make sure that someone else received them.


As our fantastic listeners were hearing this broadcast over the airwaves they rushed down to help.  A woman named Elizabeth took Kat around Fred Meyer where they did some shopping for some of her necessities.  She also took Kat out to fill her car up with gas.  While leaving, Elizabeth dropped off a bunch of items we needed and then slipped out the front door.


As Kat was leaving the Salvation Army Red Kettle guy asked her if she needed a job.  The way her eyes lit up when hearing those words... oh, man.  Tore me up.  We spent a good hour talking with Kat and getting to know how special of a person she is.  Kat received a miracle today, because you, our listeners are the absolute best!  You're the real deal.


We're broadcasting live at the following Fred Meyer locations until 6pm.  Please come donate.  For a list of what's needed click HERE.

  • Federal Way-Boise
  • Chinden and Linder
  • Glenwood and Chinden- Garden City
  • Caldwell Blvd-Nampa

Please donate and help create your own miracle for someone here in the Treasure Valley.