The Caldwell Night Rodeo is one of my favorite events all year.  The absolute best of the best come out for what is now known as one of the top five best rodeos in the nation.  From the Buckaroo Breakfast to the Jr's getting it done to the Rowdies and the Civies going back and forth you know you're always in for a once in a lifetime experience with CNR.  The great thing for us is, we get it every year.

Being a father of four daughters and having five sisters growing up I've always been one to encourage the ladies to step up and do whatever they want, whether it's working, playing sports or hey, how about bull riding?

Wouldn't it be cool to have a ladies only bull riding event?  Now, these are just thoughts going through my head.  I haven't done any extensive research as to what the pros and cons are I just know that women seem to do just as good, if not better than men in almost every aspect of life so... why not bull riding?

How would you feel seeing your sister strapping herself in, giving the nod, and then going for that eight-second ride?  Or maybe your girlfriend or wife or even your mom.  How cool would your mom be coming home with a Caldwell Night Rodeo trophy for riding bulls?

Below is a video of a girl named Maggie Parker with her story of how she started bull riding and some cool footage of her taking on what some say is the most dangerous sport in the world.

I'm throwing it out there to all rodeos.  Our beautiful women have a lot to offer.  What do we have to offer them?