Lunchbox was up to his usual prank call shenanigans when he decided to prank call a pet store.

He called a pet store and asked the employee for something they usually carry, but not for the reason they might think. Lunchbox claimed during the prank call that he was on the hunt for one of those cones animals have to wear around their neck after they have a surgery to stop them from getting to the open wounds. Though Lunchbox wasn't calling them for a cone for his dog, he was calling for a cone for himself.

Lunchbox confessed on the phone that he has a bad habit of always biting his nails and he wanted to find a cone that he could put around his neck to break his habit. The employee on the phone was pretty tolerant of Lunchbox's odd questions. She told him they had cones for big dogs so he probably just needed to come into the store to try one on. She told him she had never heard that request before and wasn't sure how it would work.