After a former North Dakota school board member was arrested in Yellowstone National Park after threatening to shoot 20 people at his wife's work.

This is a scary situation and I am so glad this crisis was diverted. They were able to use cell phone records to track down Joshua James Mjoness, 44, of Christine, North Dakota. He was accusing a man at his wife's work of having an emotional affair with her and was obviously coming to seek vengeance. The fact he was a former school board member too is frightening. He obviously still visits or lives in North Dakota while his wife is here in Boise working. He then sent threatening messages to his wife and her brother even on showing the gun he was threatening to use.

I have been watching a lot of Criminal Minds so this sounds a lot like something from the show, and when I read the story I was just so glad he was caught in Yellowstone before something bad happened to innocent people. The fact that he got this enraged over an emotional affair that could be completely unfounded screams that he needs help. Hopefully he is able to get it instead of just being incarcerated and released to become even more dangerous later on.

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