Back in Salt Lake City, I worked for a country station that attended a lot of music festivals.  At music festivals there is a lot of beer which turns in to a lot of people intoxicated which turns in to a lot of WEIRD $#!) going on.  I remember one guy peeing all over our big inflatable station mascot.  The thing was about 30 feet high.  It was huge, AND so was the guy urinating all over it.  My program director walked out and saw this atrocity and I only remember two words.  NOT COOL!  I remember those two words so well because he repeated them continuously through the night.  NOT COOL... NOT COOL... NOT COOL.

Now, as I watch this guy defiling the sacred Old Faithful Geyser those two words come crawling back into my head.  NOT COOL!

The authorities are not releasing the man's name.  I don't know why.  This guy should be put on BLAST and in the harshest of ways.  Even if you are drinking, which I don't know that he was, how do you get so plastered that you step up with hundreds of people around you screaming and shouting at you to get off, pull your pants down and in the words of one of my favorite Disney movies of all time... Let It Go, Let It Go?

East Idaho News released this statement from Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk...

We take these cases very seriously.  The law requires people to stay on boardwalks or marked trails in thermal areas. Anyone who ignores this law risks their life and possibly the lives of emergency personnel.

Ultimately, this man was arrested on multiple charges but, of course, is out on bail now.  You can catch the video which was taken by a tourist there below.

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