This is the stuff in horror movies and he was so close to all of us here in the Treasure Valley.  The guy was walking around with a human head and starts trying to kill off more people.


36-year-old Joshua Webb was completely covered in blood, holding a knife and carrying a severed human head.  What??  Yeah, you heard me right.  The guy was walking around with a human head he had just cut off.


He wasn't stopping there.  He walked into a grocery store (Estacada Thriftway Harvest Market) in Clackamas, Oregon and stabbed one of the employees.  This all went down yesterday afternoon.


The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office arrested him on the scene and charged him with murder among a number of other things.  The head he was carrying is believed to be his mothers.  Officials believe Webb killed 59-year-old Tina Marie Webb at their home about 10 miles away from the grocery store.


What led to all of this insanity is still a mystery.  Nobody's talking and speculation and rumors are all that's spreading through this small Oregon community.

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