I guess when you are in a tight spot you'll come up with any excuse you can find, but this is pretty outlandish. 

It happened to our neighbors in Yakima, Washington. A man plowed through a house and told the cops the reason for the accident was, uuuhemmm,  he needed to poop.

Aside from the bathroom issue, the man claims his car doesn't have any brakes, so he had no choice but to crash into the home.

According to idahonews.com the 32-year-old was first spotted near 4th and D Streets on Wednesday, when he sped through a stop sign.

The man refused to pull over and ended up plowing through a fence on North 9th Street, before hitting the fortunately abandoned house, and then fleeing on foot.

The man was arrested on 10th Street and tried to evade the cops. No word on if drugs were involved, but I would not be surprised. It's a pretty embarrassing tale if it's simply the truth. No word yet on the charges this unidentified man will face.

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