Matt Jordan is a relatable guy who sings relatable songs, and that is certainly the case with his new song, "The Gamble."

“It was really fun to chase down a more traditional country sound with ‘The Gamble,'" the country music singer-songwriter says of the song, which is premiering exclusively on Taste of Country on Thursday (Sept. 1). "The sentiment of the song is something I can think many people can relate to, about how it feels after a breakup when you’re left with only the thrill of the gamble."

Perhaps the biggest thrill, however, is the fact that Jordan also exclusively reveals to Taste of Country that "The Gamble" will serve as the title track of his debut full length album, set for release on October 28.

"While this single is the most country song on the album, I really enjoyed writing and recording it,” Jordan says of the song, which he co-wrote alongside Justin Dukes and Jarrett Hartness. "I have an incredible circle of co-writers that bring ideas in and that's helped my creative immensely in the last year or so."

Jordan’s new album also has him collaborating with Grammy Award-nominated producer Sal Oliveri.

"Sal and I have been working together for about 10 years and there's a reason I've never looked for a new producer,” explains Jordan, whose recent releases have included “One More Round,” "Your Town," "Boulder" and "The Good Fight."

"Sal and I have a lot of similar influences and musical heroes, so he always gets where I'm going with my songs," he says. "He's been a major factor in developing 'my sound' and he's become a mentor and friend in the last few years."

Often compared to storytellers such as Eric Church and Bruce Springsteen, Jordan says songwriting remains one of his greatest of passions.

"I think once you start writing songs and you live and breathe that for a while, you can't help but find inspiration,” the Missouri native concludes. “I come up with ideas through conversations, watching movies, listening to music, just processing my daily thoughts. Once you're in it, it just becomes a part of how you think, at least that's been my experience."

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