How many times have you gotten to your wit's end and you think, "I wish I could just destroy something or punch a wall, or drive my car onto the greenbelt!"

Reckless driving charges are pending against a man who may have been suffering a mental health crisis according to KTVB. In this alleged mental health crisis he drove his Tesla through Ann Morrison park this morning and onto the Boise River Greenbelt, which most of us know is for walking, running, and biking on, not driving.

By the time authorities arrived, the man had abandoned his Tesla and was found walking near 13th and River Streets.

He was originally taken into custody this morning but then transferred to a local hospital for an evaluation.

Authorities say the luxury car had been driven onto the grass but did not cause any other damage. The name of the man behind the wheel has not yet been released.

Life is stressful, so I can see how almost anybody could lose it! I'm just glad in this situation that no one got hurt and no major damage was done.


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