This year's CMA Music Fest was not only filled with great music, it was also filled with great causes, including Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Foundation. The dog rescue's booth took over space inside Fan Fair X to place rescue dogs with loving homes.

During the four-day adoption event, the rescue foundation placed 41 dogs with families, including 10 chihuahuas who were recently saved from a heartbreaking hoarding environment, as well as many dogs obtained from high-kill shelters in Texas. The success of the event was more than they expected, but Lambert's mother and MuttNation co-founder says they would have done the whole event again even if only one dog found a home.

“Any dog would have been worth the trouble,” Bev Lambert tells the Tennessean of the adoption drive. “We had people fighting over the dogs. We got to pick the families that we liked the best. 'We have three qualifying homes, let’s talk about where this dog fits best.' That doesn’t always happen.”

While Miranda Lambert was singing to thousands of fans during the festival, she was still keeping tabs on the adoption drive. She turned to social media to share her excitement over the success of the event.

Reeling off the success of this year's event, MuttNation Foundation is already making plans for next year with more space and easier access to the dogs.

“I’m so happy,” Bev Lambert says. “It was the most fulfilling adoption drive I’ve ever done.”

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