Was someone checking you out at the bar over the weekend? Catch a cutie staring you down in traffic? Someone might be looking for you in Boise Missed Connections!

Every Monday we rip some off the best anonymous Missed Connections posted on the Boise Craigslist for your reading pleasure. Who knows, maybe one of these days someone will be looking for you! Here's some of our favorites from over the weekend:

Sushi Sushi - M4W (Caldwell)

You stole my menu.
I think we had a connection.
Describe me and situation in response

Village Lass - M4W (Meridian)

I don't know if you'll even check this post.....you were Blonde haired woman you spoke to me as I was looking at my phone checking a football score. Anyway......You walked up to me whispered something over my shoulder and walked away catching me totally by surprise and still don't know what you said. You went into the Village Theater to watch a movie meeting with whom assume was a date. It was odd ....and intriguing at the same time.......however either way I'd like to chat.

Drunk Girl Downtown - M4W (Boise)

You came into the matador last night super drunk. We called you a cab. You just moved out here from California and live in Kuna. Want to make sure you got home safe. Respond with the the name of your street in the subject line so i know its really you

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