Was someone checking you out at the bar over the weekend? Catch a cutie staring you down in traffic? Someone might be looking for you in Boise Missed Connections!

Every Monday we rip some off the best anonymous Missed Connections posted on the Boise Craigslist for your reading pleasure. Who knows, maybe one of these days someone will be looking for you! Here are some of our favorites from over the weekend:


This shouldn't be that hard seeing as how Eugene is a rare name these days...

Looking For Eugene - Boise

It's Annie. Don't usually do this and I've never posted in here before and this is probably a long shot. But I saw you while I was with my twin today. I have been trying to get a hold of you for a long time but lost your number and can't find your Facebook...I miss you...and I'm sorry. Please email me so I know it's you then I can give you my number if it's you. Tell me something only you would know if it's you and a picture. Like a memory of us or something. Thanks. Fingers crossed that you read this and Message me because I'd really love to talk to you again.



Best way to a woman's heart? Talk about her short shorts...

Woman In Light Blue Shorts - Boise

The gal wearing light blue colored gym shirts at the Walmart on Overland. You are a lil cutie. If you see this what Aisle did you see a bearded guy wearing a red hat in? I think you purposely went down that aisle :)



This may be the first time in history a guy called a girl 'fat' and got away with it...

To The Girl With The Round Belly! - Boise

WHOA! I couldn't believe my eyes. I caught sight of you from half way down the block so I'm sorry if this is vague but....
Dirty blonde hair, possibly brown? Turquoise top... obviously snug : ) sunglasses and jeans. Anyways, you had an athletic figure from where I was walking but as you turned I noticed the sexiest little beer belly!!! I guess I am a little weird but I know what I am attracted to! As I got closer I couldn't tell if you were smiling AT me... or just smiling! haha. I should have said something but I chickened out. Anyways, in my nervousness, I tried not to be too obvious... but from my best guess it looked like you were mid twenties-early thirties? Athletic despite the little belly, and naturally pretty!!!
Well for what it's worth, I was the 6'1 athletic guy with flip flops, olive cargo shorts, and "Ghost Town Brewery" shirt who walked by with green eyes!




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