Was someone checking you out at the bar over the weekend? Catch a cutie staring you down in traffic? Someone might be looking for you in Boise Missed Connections!

Every Monday we rip some off the best anonymous Missed Connections posted on the Boise Craigslist for your reading pleasure. Who knows, maybe one of these days someone will be looking for you! Here's some of our favorites from over the weekend:


First up, it sounds like a female police officer had a code red in the bathroom at Neurolux...

Hot Lady Cop - Boise

Hey Lady Cop who pulled me into the bathroom stall at Neurolux last night.
You can bet I'm going to exceed the speed limit everyday, all day, until we meet again.
I didn't get your name!!


Brunch can get tough to get through when you're distracted by a cutie...

Eddie's Diner - Boise

Sunday around 1230, an extremely attractive mature woman. Maroon shirt, tan jacket, long black hair. You were with your family enjoying Sunday brunch. We exchanged glances and smiles several times. If you see this and are interested, I'd like to talk more...


Finally, you want some friiiiies to go with that shake?

Cashier @ McDonalds (Overland & Cole) - Boise

The cashier girl that was working tonight at McDonald's on overland and cole at 10:30 if you see this hit me up😏 i saw you looking at me and youre pretty cute


Need more Missed Connections in your life? We get it, they're completely addictive. Check out more anonymous Missed Connections from the Treasure Valley here.

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