Was someone checking you out at the bar over the weekend? Catch a cutie staring you down in traffic? Someone might be looking for you in Boise Missed Connections!

Every Monday we rip some off the best anonymous Missed Connections posted on the Boise Craigslist for your reading pleasure. Who knows, maybe one of these days someone will be looking for you! Here's some of our favorites from over the weekend:


First off, this gentleman is looking for a stunner in some yoga pants...

To The Hot Woman At Walmart / Overland & Cole - M4W (Boise)

You were walking by me today and I was trying not to stare. You were wearing tight yoga pants.... your *** was amazing... and you have a pretty face. You are absolutely sexy! I'm not sure if you saw me smiling, but I wasn't sure what to say so I just kept my mouth closed. You could've been wearing a ring, but I didn't see one. Are you shy?? Send me a picture... I could identify you from your body alone lol


We've literally never heard someone described this way...

Willow - M4W (Boise)

So I met you a few weeks back. You looked like a new born calf with skates on. We connected amazingly. We talked for hours, if you remember. I went to see you this weekend, and you were gone. You are the absolute sweetest girl that I have met in awhile. I would love to take you out and treat you the way you deserve. I'm glad you are no longer there, but if you by chance see this. Hit me up. By the way, I'm the guy that was giving you pointers and whatnot.


Finally, it appears this man is having a hard time with spelling out his wishes...

Good Phot - M4W (Boise)

We talked about me doing photo shot with you I will love to very much so hope I hear from you soon I am chubby maybe go for some walks to Caldwell walk mart



Need more Missed Connections in your life? We get it, they're completely addictive. Check out more anonymous Missed Connections from the Treasure Valley here.

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