A lot of people tried this morning for the $200 pair of tickets to Luke Bryan for Thursday night's BIG concert at the Ford Idaho Center but only a few won.  So let's give out some more.  And 'Oh Yes' they're the good seats baby.  Time to play Luke Bryan's What Makes You Country Mish Mash.

Tomorrow morning at 7:30 Rick and Carly will Mish Mash three songs together.  Only one of those songs will be country AND it just so happens, that'll be a Luke Bryan song.  If you can weed your way through all the jumbled audio and tell Rick and Carly which Luke Bryan song is being played, you win a $200 pair of tickets to the big show.


  • Have the WOW Country app downloaded on to your phone (Alerts will be sent out giving you advantages)
  • Start dialing the second Rick and Carly tell you to (this could be a few minutes before 7:30)
  • Once on air... BREATHE... RELAX... you'll do fine (Rick and Carly usually help you out anyway)

Below is tomorrow morning's Mish Mash.  See if you can decipher which Luke Bryan song it is.

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