This year could be a pretty bad year for mosquitoes because of all the flood waters. The standing water provides the perfect breeding ground for these disease spreading bugs.

Obviously, no one likes getting bit by mosquitoes. Not only do they leave an irritating, itchy bite that lasts for several days, they can also carry all kinds of diseases. The Zika virus is among the latest threats we get from mosquitoes. So we have that, and the West Nile virus to be concerned about. Or do we?

According to the CDC, there are Zika virus carrying mosquitoes in the United States. Most however, are in the southern states and in those states with more of a tropical climate. The threat to states in the northern part of the country comes when someone travels, gets bit and then brings the virus back with them.

Here in the Treasure Valley we've been dealing with cases of West Nile. While we haven't had a major outbreak, the increase in the mosquitoes and "no-seeum" bites certainly increase the possibility of it worsening.

If you'd like to see more from the CDC about the Zika virus, and other diseases carried by mosquitoes, and where they have seen outbreaks you can follow the link below.

Stay safe this summer and take the proper precautions when you are outside!

Source: NBC News

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