FarAndWide brings us 'The Most Boring Tourist Traps' in every state.  Here are some of my favorites to make the list...

So what's Idaho's most boring tourist trap?  Drumroll puhleeeeze.


Credit: Jan Kronsell / Wikimedia Commons
Credit: Jan Kronsell / Wikimedia Commons

Wallace, Idaho has around 800 residents and there's not much there.  Not much pulling in tourist or anybody for that matter so the mayor had an idea.  Let's make up a really cool looking manhole and dub this very spot in the middle of nowhere the center of the entire universe.  This declaration was made back in 2004.  Here's the actual statement that was given by the mayor 15 years ago...

I, Ron Garitone, Mayor of Wallace, Idaho, and all of its subjects, and being of sound body and mind, do hereby solemnly declare and proclaim Wallace to be the Center of the Universe.

Many have attacked the town of Wallace asking how they know they sit at the center of the universe?  Residents of Wallace simply say, "prove it's not".

If for some reason you want to go stare at a manhole, it's located on the corner of Bank Street and Sixth Street.  For more details and information on The Center of the Universe Manhole click below.

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