This one almost falls under the Stupid Laws category but there is actually a purpose when it comes to the Federal Government not wanting Americans to smile when taking their driver's license photos.  We'll get to that in just a second.  First... is it illegal or not illegal to smile when getting your photo taken for your driver's license here in the great state of Idaho?  The answer... IT'S ILLEGAL.

What?  Now I can't even smile.  How many rules are we going to have and to what extent are we going to allow the government to take things.  I understand that it's only one photo and in the grand scheme of things, not that big of a deal but what kind of precedence does this set for other things in our lives?

The United States Government states that face recognition with their cameras, computers, and Intel is crucial in solving crimes, collecting data, and helping this country move forward into the future and make it the best place possible.  They also state that pictures with smiles are more difficult to use with facial recognition.

So what's legal?  What are we allowed to do and what are we prohibited from doing when taking our driver's license picture?

  • You cannot be showing teeth
  • No grins
  • Must look straightforward

Virtual lineups are now becoming commonplace with the F.B.I. in solving crimes.  Only Idaho and Colorado as of now are NOT part of the program which allows the F.B.I. to tap into driver's license photos at any time for investigative purposes.

So next time you're practicing for that snapshot that'll represent who you are over the next eight or 10 years on your I.D. you may want to try some serious or slightly pleasant types of looks because the old school "say cheese" smile is a thing of the past.

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