There is a monster in my garden.

Actually, there are probably a bunch of monsters in my vegetable garden.  This year we planted a bunch of tomatoes, eggplants, carrots, beets, and other various veggies.  It was a chance to spend some time with the family digging in the dirt, getting closer to nature, blah, blah, blah.  Plus when the zombie apocalypse hits, I will have food to eat while the rest of you suckers are busy trying to snag a squirrel with your crossbow.

But I digress…

There’s some sort of critter killing my cucumbers.  I’ve heard people say it might be slugs.  Others tell me it may be aphids.  All I know if my poor cukes don’t stand a chance against whatever is chomping on them under the cover of darkness.  I’m trying to keep the wife happy by keeping the garden organic, so pesticides aren’t an option.

Any thoughts on what it might be?  More importantly, any idea how to kill it?  Leave me a message below!