A mom in Nampa is devastated after her daughter's wedding flowers were stolen while she was in a salon.


Terra Stinnett arrived at the Charisma and Co Salon and Spa in Nampa Tuesday morning and saw something that just made her sick.  She had planted flowers in early May specifically for her daughter's wedding and they were gone.  Stolen.


The blue eyed beauties, African daisies and petunias were planted outside the salon so her co-workers could help her take care of them.


Someone waited til dark, came in and snatched up every single flower planted.  Stinnett's not worried about the cost of the flowers or replacing them with other flowers.  That's easy, but this was something special she wanted to do for her daughter that was from the heart.  Something they'd remember forever.  That memory will be replaced with anger, sadness, and questions of why.


The Stinnett's did file a police report and are asking anyone that may know something about what happened or who the thieves are, please contact Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.