Remember when you used to plan a friend's night out at the horse races at Les Bois Park? Those were the days. Unfortunately for nearly four years, Les Boise Park at Expo Idaho has been sitting idly -except for the concerts during the Western Idaho Fair.

However, that could all change. According to KTVB, a new committee has been set up to help decide what will become of the 240-acre site that makes up Les Bois Park and the Fairgrounds at Expo Idaho. The committee known as the Expo Idaho Citizen's Advisory Committee, is made up of folks with all different types of backgrounds -"business, finance, nonprofits, arts, engineering, agriculture and city governments."

They met for the first time Wednesday and have already begun proposing ideas for what could become of the area. One idea, according to KTVB, is "the possibility of a multipurpose stadium and surrounding development." This idea has been in and out of the news cycles when the Hawks expressed interest in having something built in downtown Boise.

For the next few months, the committee will be meeting and welcoming public input about what should be done in the future. They'll propose different scenarios and possibilities, but ultimately, the final decision will be made by the Ada County Board of Commissioners.