Handcrafted, slow-batch, authentic pizza will now be ready to grub on right here in downtown Boise.  A brand new shop with a brand new kind of pizza is opening it's doors.

The Wylder opens at 5 p.m. tonight, October 19th. The Wylder is a family owned pizzeria that's located on the ground level of The Fowler building which is a mixed-used apartment complex at Fifth and Broad Streets.

Credit: The Wylder for Townsquare Media
Credit: The Wylder for Townsquare Media

A ton of different pizza pies are available with red or white sauce, house made ricotta, salads, a full bar and a whole lot more.

The owner of The Wylder, David Rex told Boise Weekly:

"Everything is family style, so it comes out as it’s ready. Our pizzas take a little longer, but we use a 50-year-old starter, and it takes 48 hours to ferment our dough, so it’s a slow process.  We use really, really great flour. Our tomatoes are Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes from the central coast. Our pizza sauce is literally organic tomatoes and basil, blended. The flour is organic, out of Utah, and [we use] some flour from Idaho. We don’t want to be anything other than the best we can be. This is our passion, what we love to do.”

I'd start talking about all the different options and fancy Schmancy pizzas they have but I have no idea what it all means.  All I know is... it looks incredible!

Rex has managed over 20 different restaurants and is now living his dream of starting up, owning, and managing The Wylder here in Boise, Idaho where he wants to raise his kids.  Rex says:

"We think the community is so amazing here. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.  We wanted to come somewhere where we could feel like we were a part of a community...where we can give people’s kids a place to work, where we could be intertwined. We just felt like this was the best spot in the country to do that.”


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