Could it be? Are we actually gonna get a new multi-purpose stadium in Boise!?! And NO, we're not talking about replacing Albertson's Stadium here.  But according to some sources, the dream of a new stadium in Boise in gaining some momentum and might become a reality soon!

To tell you the truth, this actually isn't the first time this has been proposed.  In fact, we've gone through a few different stadium proposals over the years.  But now, there's a new idea that seems to be generating quite a bit of interest.  Greenstone Properties, the Atlanta-based Boise Hawks owner wants to build a new multi-purpose stadium on the corner of Shoreline Drive and Americana Boulevard.  Right now, the land is owned by St. Luke's.

St. Luke's spokesperson Anita Kissee said in a statement, "St. Luke's is considering vacating Shoreline and bringing those employees closer to our flagship downtown Boise hospital. St. Luke's has been negotiating appropriately with multiple developers and parties, including the State of Idaho, to reach the best agreement that meets not only the needs of St. Luke's, but the future property owner."

City of Boise spokesman Mike Journee says, "a stadium like this has been something the city has wanted for a long time. It's right up there with the expansion of the convention center and the creation of the bus station."

Reportedly, Greenhouse Properties is interested in constructing a multi-purpose stadium that would seat 5000 people and is being considered for Boise Hawks Baseball.  Concerts and prep sports could also be hosted by stadium.

Journee goes on to say, "A lot of details have to be ironed out before we're even close to finalizing what this looks like in the end and how that financing works out."

Estimated construction costs for the stadium are upwards of $40 million.


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