I tend to fly a lot and by a lot... I mean about 50 flights per year but most of the time I fly to the same places over and over. While I love living in Boise, flying out of The Boise airport has been a challenge. Allow me to clarify... The Boise airport is easy to get in and out of. I can show up 30 minutes before my flight leaves and not worry about missing my flight due to long lines at security or not being able to find parking. My challenge has been finding direct flights out of Boise but today that changed. Starting today June 17th Alaska Airlines is now flying direct to Austin and Chicago O'Hare.

“The Boise Airport is grateful that Alaska Airlines continues to improve connectivity for residents of the Treasure Valley,” Boise Airport Director Rebecca Hupp told IdahoNews2. “With Idaho’s vast rural geography, regional flights are an important link in our transportation system. I’m confident the nonstop service to Pullman-Moscow matches the needs of our community, and am thrilled Alaska is connecting two important regions of the state again.”

Starting on Nov.19th direct flights to Phoenix will begin on Alaska and flights to  Pullman-Moscow service begins August. Nonstop service to Nashville started recently and non-stop flights to New York are also on the way.  If you travel for work, this will make life so much easier, if you travel for fun, this makes flying that much more attractive.


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