It's actually National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day today, and we wanted to share with you the most brilliant, and highest-rated and reviewed, mom and pop restaurant here in Idaho!

Bonus points, it's located in the Treasure Valley so we don't have to drive far!

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There's a recent article from Lovefood that shares the most brilliant mom and pop restaurants throughout the country. They said...

"Dreaming of a down-home meal just like Mom (or Pop) used to make? Sometimes good old-fashioned comfort food is the only thing that will do and, fortunately, there are plenty of places that dish up exactly that. From century-old diners offering belly-busting breakfasts and service with a smile, to old-time Italian joints that have used the same recipes for decades, these are our favorite mom-and-pop restaurants across the country."

Who made their list for Idaho?

Mr. V's Family Restaurant
Mr. V's Family Restaurant

Mr. V's Family Restaurant in Caldwell

Here's what Lovefood says about Mr. V's...

"Mr V's is all about food "like your mother or grandmother used to make." The dining room is homey – with farmyard paintings on the walls and cozy wooden booths – and the menu matches the setting. Sit down to warming plates of golden-fried shrimp, roasted turkey or steak, all served with veggies, cornbread, and your choice of potato. The place has been running since 1971, when Morris Vavold Sr. and his son opened the doors, and it's now operated by third-generation family members."

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