There's a new study for this year that shows the oldest high schools in each state...

But how accurate is it for Idaho?

And we're wondering, have you even heard of the oldest high school in Idaho before?

The study was shared by FamilyMinded, and they're saying the oldest high school in Idaho is Greenleaf Friends Acadamy.

Greenleaf Friends Academy in Idaho

Google Street View of Greenleaf Friends Acadamy
Google Street View of Greenleaf Friends Acadamy

However, this is not the oldest high school in Idaho. Greenleaf opened in 1908 (don't get me wrong that's still very old!) But you might be thinking of a few other schools that are older than this... maybe even where you went to high school?

One that immediately comes to mind is Pocatello High School in Pocatello, Idaho.

Pocatello High School

J. B. Chandler | Google Maps
J. B. Chandler | Google Maps

Greenleaf opened in 1908, and Pocatello High School opened in 1892 — 16 years earlier! It was also (and still is to this day) one of the largest high schools in America, especially at that time in the 1800s.

The architecture of this building is incredible, too. So, next time you're in that area, take a moment to check out the school and appreciate its historic charm.

All of that said, Greenleaf Friends Academy is still one of the oldest high schools and longest-lasting educational facilities in our state — and in regards to private schools — it actually is the oldest one. Greenleaf Friends Acadamy is a Private Christian School that serves all grades of education.

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