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One of the luxuries that was so difficult to lose in 2020 was travel. My hubs and I had taken a trip to Barcelona in 2019 and we were so looking forward to our next international trip when the pandemic hit. It felt like our wings had been clipped just when we had caught the travel bug.

It did however, get us brainstorming other ways to get away, as I'm sure it did for many.

One of my favorite things that we did last year was booking a cabin in the middle of nowhere. It was peaceful and serene. We drank wine, cooked delicious meals, hiked... and never turned on a single electronic device.

It was bliss.

I believe many people started looking for new lodging and ways to travel last year. I think Airbnb rentals were high on the list. In fact, Airbnb was able to compile a list of the most bookmarked and booked places in each state.

Here's what they found for us:

Idaho's Most Booked Experience - Secrets of Japanese Whiskey

Close-up two men clinking glasses of whiskey drink alcohol beverage together at counter in the pub
ipopba, ThinkStock Images

It's no wonder this was a big deal in 2020. I saw many reports that alcohol sales were up last year so I'm not surprised we wanted to learn more about what was in our glass.

The Secrets of Japanese Whiskey is a virtual class that promises to not only share unknown information with its guests, but offer tips on how to enjoy it. It's hosted by Kenji whose knowledge comes from the Yamazaki Distillery and frequent visits to whiskey bars in Kyoto.

Idaho's Most Wish-Listed Stay - Big Idaho Potato Hotel

This place may look like a giant potato on the outside, but it's actually a "5 starch" hotel on the inside. The Big Idaho Potato Hotel is great for both Idaho residents and tourists alike.

Guests have access to the tater itself, but also to the farm and its accommodations. It's heralded as a perfect getaway for two. Not to mention, it's extremely Instagram worthy.

Explore Idaho's Teepee House in Cascade

Idaho has so many unique homes thanks to its unique residents. Did you know there was a teepee house in Cascade Idaho? It is considered a tiny home with only 826 square feet. This cozy cone shaped home makes quite a statement in Cascade. Thanks to realtor.com we got to see photos of the inside.

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