Picking up pizza is about to become even more convenient. Pizza Hut announced earlier this week that its planning to update over 1,500 of its locations nationwide with new drive thru lanes, including some possible locations here in the Treasure Valley.

Now I know what you're thinking; these are going to be some seriously long waiting lines if these new "Hut Lanes" operate like a traditional drive thru. However, Hut Lanes will be used for costumers who are picking up orders previously placed through the Pizza Hut website or the Pizza Hut app. It will simply be listed as another pick-up option. Once the order is ready, customers can drive up to the window and will receive their pizza in a quick, minimum contact way. Development of the drive thru lanes will reportedly begin this summer.

"As we transition into the Pizza Hut system, we are excited about The Hut Lane and the seamless customer experience it offers," said Ron Bellamy, Chief Improvement Officer of Flynn Restaurant Group in a press release. "We know from our QSR experience how much value a pick-up window can unlock for the business, and we plan to prioritize The Hut Lane in future builds and relocations of existing stores."

Because of the pandemic, almost every single restaurant out there has been required to make some sort of adjustments that accommodate for a more contactless experience. From contactless delivery to those QR code menus, I personally hope these adjustments become the new norm. By the way, curbside pick-up is perfect for someone lazy like me!

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