Raymundo is about 4 months away from getting married to his longtime girlfriend Laura. The two of them have been together for several years and been through a lot of tough situations together.

Despite coronavirus causing wedding cancellations for many at the beginning of 2020, Raymundo and Laura's wedding is definitely still happening in October. Not only that, but Raymundo is set to go on his bachelor party over the Fourth Of July holiday. With everything steadily moving in the right direction, Raymundo and Laura are also finishing up their wedding plans.

Raymundo has decided that he wants to sing for Laura at their wedding. He wrote another song with his friend and artist Eric Dodd. The two wrote "Baecation" together in 2019 when Raymundo decided to try to be a songwriter. Raymundo is at it again with this latest song and he hopes his fiancé will like it enough to let it happen at the wedding. It's called "The Wedding Song (Ray and Bae)" and he performed it on The Bobby Bones Show this morning. Here's some of the lyrics:


Look at you shining // Underneath the Nashville sunset // And here I am dreaming about // All the years we ain’t lived yet

Let’s Celebrate this special day // Like you taught me to love a birthday // And let’s live our lives away


We got a place downtown, Paradise Park // News came in, life got hard // Stage 3 diagnosis, hair’s all gone

We shed a few tears, but not for long // Cause you were so savage like Megan Thee stallion // You never lost hope, never lost passion

And I was riding shottie on your bandwagon // Crazy at is, all this is happening