Where do I start?  I have problems just like everyone else.  Different... but hard.  Three and a half years ago I lost my job in Salt Lake City.  Radio was all I knew.  I was fortunate to have a great station in Boise, Idaho that was interested in bringing me on.  But signing on here at WOW 104.3 came at a cost.  I had to leave my family behind.  My wife and I separated and we felt it best for the kids to stay in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Most of my kids were older and making their way through life but my son was 11-years-old.  He didn't understand.  Hell, I didn't understand so how was I supposed to explain it to him?

I made two promises coming out to Boise.  I'd talk to my son every day, no exceptions... and I'd be in Salt Lake City every chance I could.  I've driven that 9-hour round trip drive 87 times now.  I continue to make good on my promise but it's not enough.  I miss Brode coming home from school, sleeping in when he should be up, playing video games too much, laying around the house sick... I don't get to see who he hangs out with, what he dives into the kitchen pantry for every afternoon, what he watches on t.v... I don't get to be there when he's had a bad day... when a girl's broken his heart... when he loses the baseball game for his whole team... I'm not there.  At least for most of it.  I am blessed to be able to spend precious, quality time with all my children when I do head back to Salt Lake City.  And I cherish every second of it.

We have parents, right here in the Treasure Valley that would die to have what I have.  Parents who have lost their child to cancer.  Lost them forever, and others that are going to lose their child any day now.  They not only don't get to experience the same loss I have but their loss is so much greater.  Because their child is gone forever.  No baseball, no school, no friends, girlfriend, snacks in the pantry, sickness, sadness, tears, joy, love, marriage, careers.  None of it.  There is nothing.  Nothing but memories.

I recently heard somebody talk about how God never gives you more than you can handle.  And I don't know who God is to you.  If it's Budha, Ala, Heavenly Father, some Cosmic Being in alternate universes... I don't care.  God doesn't give you more than you can handle???  Really?  As a father... I think of my kids... and sitting in a doctor's office hearing "your son has a tumor in his brain"... I can't understand this.  Give it to me.  Not my son.  Not my baby girl.  Please give it to me.  Why?  I see these beautiful kids here... right here in our backyard.  Beckham from Melba, Claire from Meridian and Eagle, Krew from Middleton, Jack from Star... these are kids.  Some of them only have days left on this earth.  Why?

I find myself getting mad at God.  Screaming at God... why?  Innocent kids that just want to play.  They want to go to school, watch movies, go to Wahooz or Roaring Springs.  They want to climb Table Rock with their family.  They want to laugh and love... and cry... they just want to BE.  They just want to live and they want to live like the rest of us get to live.  But cancer... cancer steals it all from them.  It's not fair.  Why God, would you give this to them?  Innocent kids... WHY???  What the hell?

So when I hear 'God doesn't give you more than you can handle'... that's wrong.  What we should be saying is... 'God doesn't give you more than WE can handle'.  Because if you're worried about how you're going to pay for your kid's treatment, that's where WE can handle... you're worried about how you're going to get there or stay there or eat or how you're going to pay your bills... WE got you... WE can handle that... I don't know WHY your kid has cancer or why you're going through THIS but WE, as partner's in hope have your back.  Because you're in no position to handle this.  God didn't give you this because YOU can handle it... I don't know why he gave you this... why you're there, with this but we got it.  WE can handle this.

That's why I want you to become a Partner In Hope.  That's why I'm a Partner In Hope... that's why Carly's a Partner In Hope... if you're driving right now, or working, or whatever.. open up your wallet and give just $20 a month in honor of your healthy kids... I have five kids... all healthy and I proudly give in their name.  Just $20 a month.  That's why you give.  That's why you become a Partner In Hope.

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