One of the safest cities in all of the United States is less than 6 hours away from Boise, and that city is Lone Peak, UT – ranking #18 on this list of the safest cities in America. And according to World Population Review, Utah and Idaho are among the safest states in the country.

What I found extremely surprising though, was the drastic difference in where these 2 states land on the list – Utah ranked #4 safest state in the country and Idaho ranked #19.

That’s a big jump, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like Idaho and Utah are a lot alike in a lot of ways and they should have somewhat similar stats.

But apparently Utah is way safer than Idaho? I don’t know if I can believe that. Salt Lake City seems more dangerous to me than Boise.

Along with that, MoneyGeek created a list of the safest cities/towns in America, and Utah had some really high-ranking cities, but Idaho did not.

Lone Peak, UT ranked #18 safest city in America, and the highest-ranking Idaho city was Pocatello at #454.

I mean, it makes a little more sense for Pocatello to be further down the list, but what doesn’t make sense to me at all is that Pocatello came way before Lewiston (#534), Coeur d’Alene (#621), Idaho Falls (#678), and Twin Falls (#712).

Again, I feel like these cities are all safer than Pocatello. But after last week’s article about Pocatello being safer than Boise, I don’t know if I can trust any of these lists anymore – because clearly Pocatello is not safer than Boise.

Here’s a list of The Safest Towns in Idaho that I can actually believe, and keep scrolling for the Top 20 UNSOLVED Crimes in Boise.

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