There's a new movement and it's called MAPS or NOMAPS depending on what kind of pedophile you are.  MAPS stands for "Minor-Attracted Persons" and NOMAPS stands for "Non-Offending Minor-Attracted Persons".  These pedophiles are trying to connect themselves with the LGBT community saying they're misunderstood and should be accepted for something they cannot control.  Lately, they've been receiving support from politicians, scholars, and reputable sources like Tumblr which has now deleted their article on this subject.

MAPS have even come out with their own flag flying it high and proud at different LGBT parades and events but some in the LGBT community are NOT having it.  Here's one tweet warning people about what this flag is and what it stands for.

The Daily Caller quotes "The Prevention Project" as saying...

Pedophiles are misunderstood marginalized people, and that as long as their attraction to children is not acted upon —  or in some cases when they get permission from the child — that they should not be villainized.

Permission???  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I have five kids.  Four daughters and a son and I hate the terrorizing feeling of sending them out into this world where there are people like THIS that manipulate, abuse, and downright morally take advantage of these young innocent souls.  And now they want to justify things?  Whoah!!

Here's one of the angles these pedophiles are taking to try and win over our sympathy.  They've copied what LGBT has done with the gay and lesbian community and twisted the words around to suit their needs in an effort to create sympathy and acceptance.

John” was suicidal. He had been bullied by trolls on social media for most of his life for being different. The bullies were primarily people who claimed, based on their  religious beliefs, that “John” was going to hell and deserved to die. They described how they would kill him on his twitter page and people supported their hate. Desperate for help, John sought treatment for his shame, depression, and suicidality. Although he was scared to share about himself with a stranger, he felt desperate for help as he had NO desire to harm anyone, ever. Once he shared about his attraction to children, his therapist told him, “I don’t treat sex offenders.”

Hey.  I don't doubt that these people are sick and they have massive emotional baggage going all the way back to when they were born but I have ZERO TOLERANCE for pedophiles.  And Lord help you if you ever come after one of my kids!

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