Are these ice cream flavors irresistible or just plain outrageous?

Ice cream, the creamy delight that transcends seasons, has taken a whimsical turn with the emergence of strange and extraordinary flavors. Beyond the realm of vanilla and chocolate, creameries around the globe have embarked on flavor adventures that challenge traditional taste buds.

From Scotland to Australia, Thailand, and across the United States LoveFood has compiled a list of the "World's Most Outrageous Ice Cream Flavors," and landing a spot on the list were a couple of different creameries in California.


Before sharing with you the 4 ice cream flavors that Idaho needs to get its hands on, you got to see the most outrageous flavor of them all. It's from Germany, and it's called Spaghetti Eis. According to, "Spaghetti Eis consists of strands of vanilla ice cream swimming in a bright-red strawberry sauce (a nod to tomato-based pasta sauce) and topped with white chocolate shavings (intended to resemble Parmesan). This cult classic is now sold all over Germany."

If you were in Germany, would you order the Spaghetti Eis? 

Creameries are redefining the boundaries of taste and indulgence when it comes to the culinary experience of ice cream. So, as you ponder your next frozen treat, remember that the world of ice cream has expanded far beyond convention, beckoning the adventurous at heart to savor the extraordinary. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new, like one of these most outrageous ice cream flavors that you can in California.

There were 4 flavors on the list of the world's most outrageous flavors from California that we need here in Idaho.

4 Irresistible Ice Cream Flavors From California That Idaho Needs

These 4 flavors were on's list of "The World's Most Outrageous Ice Cream Flavors," and we would love to be able to try them in Idaho.

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