Yesterday morning callers spilled the beans (pun intended) on all the secret menu items at their favorite restaurants here in the Treasure Valley.  The secret menu at Dutch Bros is my favorite.

David Gannon/AFP/Getty Images

I pretty much like things quick and easy.  Look up at the menu, order whatever sounds best and get out as fast as I can.  Maybe... just maybe, I'm missing out on what's best because what's best isn't on the menu at all.  Say what?  Yeah, lots of cool drinks on the "Secret Menu".  Here's some you may be interested in...


Pocahontas:  Caramel, white chocolate with dark chocolate.


Bob Marley:  A Cocomo (dark chocolate with white coconut) and add a banana.


Sexy Love Potion Iced Tea:  Great tea with lime, passion fruit, and strawberry.


Ba-Nay-Nay:  Dark chocolate and banana mocha with whipped cream on top.


Dirty Caterpillar:  A smoothie made with green apple and caramel.


The Wallaby:  Caramel, chocolate macadamia nut with dark chocolate mocha.


Banana Bread:  Hazelnut and creme de banana syrup.

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