Questions we find ourselves asking in the middle of the night when we can't sleep: what's on the menu behind bars?

It's easy to forget that most of us have it pretty good. We have all sorts of trendy food options in the Treasure Valley, social media gives us a preview, and we even have the luxury of praising or trashing a place on websites like Yelp.

How is the menu on the inside?

Prison food has long been the subject of speculation and scrutiny. It's often depicted in movies and TV shows as bland, unappetizing goop like mystery meat and mushy vegetables served on plastic trays. But is that really how Idaho's prisoners are eating?

While it's true that prison food doesn't exactly have a reputation for gourmet cuisine, the reality might be more nuanced than we think. A lot of prisons have some serious chefs on staff who work hard to create nutritious and flavorful meals for their inmates.

Some people believe that while inmates deserve to be held in captivity in a humane environment, they don't deserve to eat food that is on par with food "on the outside." Others feel that no matter what crimes landed these criminals behind bars, they have a right to enjoy a delicious meal like the rest of the Treasure Valley.

So, how good is the food menu in prison? The answer likely varies from facility to facility and from day to day. But one thing's for sure –the menu at Idaho's Department of Corrections looks pretty delicious.

43 Amazing Meals Served At Idaho Department Of Corrections

We're not gonna lie, some of these menu items sound delicious.

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