When the Jenkins family of Campbellville, Canada brought their new pet pig Esther home, they were under the impression that she was a "micro pig." Also known as "teacup pigs," micro pigs usually grow to about 50-150 pounds and are often kept as pets.  So it makes sense that the Jenkins family thought that Esther would make a great addition to their home.

Steve Jenkins was contacted by a former schoolmate about the pig who wanted to see if he'd be interested in adopting her. "She wrote me one day and said she knew I was an animal lover, and did I want to adopt her mini pig," says Jenkins. "She said she got Esther from a breeder, and that she was already six months old, had been spayed, and wouldn’t grow any bigger than 70 pounds. I believed her because I knew her. I didn’t think she would lie to me."

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, but was she ever lying.  On Ester's first trip to the vet they found out that she wasn't 6 months old, but rather she was more like four or five weeks.  Also, the fact that her tail was cropped was a clear sign to the vet that Ester was a commercial pig and NOT a "teacup" or "miro-pig."

Buuuuuuuut, by this point the Jenkins family loved her and decided to keep her.  However, of course Ester began to grow................and kept growing.  Jenkins goes on to say, "Every time our friends came over they would comment on how big she was getting and ask what we were going to do.  We always said ‘we’re wondering the same thing,’ and so she became ‘the Wonder Pig.’ Everything about Esther was a question mark in the early months."

The answer? Well, Ester now weighs 650 pounds! That's not all. She's also become a hit on social media with over 1 million Facebook followers.  "Esther has become a real bright spot for many people, a place to come for a laugh and to forget the crazy stuff going on around us," says Jenkins.  We get messages from people all the time who tell us Esther helped them through a really hard time, a lady who said, ‘Thank you for showing my sons it’s OK to have two dads,’ even a man who said Esther’s photo helped his mother smile — she is suffering from dementia, and he hadn’t seen her smile for weeks. It’s really incredible.”

Ester has definitely found a happy home with the Jenkins on a 50-acre farm outside Toronto where she lives with more than 40 other animals. The Jenkins call it the "Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary.” :)

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