Remember when you were a kid and actually thought you MAY have some kind of super power? Turns out, you're not alone!

According to the website we all, at times, think we have the "power" to change things. That's called superstition. Superstition plays into several things, and we all think if we "put it out there in the universe things will turn out the way we want. Things like the ones listed below:

1. - MAKE YOUR TEAM WIN: If someone told you they could make the Broncos win with their'd walk away whistling the theme song from the Looney Tunes cartoons. it any different if you wear your lucky jersey, or not shaving your beard, or eating blueberry pancakes with orange juice on game days? Hmmmmmmmm?

2. - TALK TO YOUR CAR: Ever said to your car out loud on a cold morning..."oh come on baby...please start...come on....come on..."'re not alone.You also don't have a superpower that made it fire over and start...if it does.

3. - READING OMENS:  Ever believe the universe is putting it out there for you? Like getting a flat tire on the way to work? Obviously it's a sign and a message that you shouldn't go in today! Right? (I actually like this one...I wish I had this power!)

4. - MAKE BAD THINGS HAPPEN WITH A JOKE: Ever make a joke about something....and someone jumps in your cereal bowl and blames you for their day going haywire because you joked about whatever it was you joked about? You WIZARD!  You should stop making jokes and use those incredible powers for more important things! Please joke about me winning the Powerball or the Mega Millions this week!

THAT would be an AMAZING superpower!

So, what super power do you wish YOU had?


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