If you dread the Spring Break season because that means you have to find additional child care for your kiddos...I totally understand! But, why not let the kids enjoy their time off of school by having fun with kids their age and doing some learning while they're at it? Sounds like a win-win, right? Well, luckily for us parents, there are several organizations in the Treasure Valley that provide day camps for kids out on Spring Break.

  • Credit: matimix | Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Credit: matimix | Getty Images/iStockphoto


    The Treasure Valley YMCA locations offer a ton of really amazing day camps, STEM camps, sports camps,  as well as 'specialty camps' for kiddos of all ages.

    Here are just some of the camps offered in each category. Each one differs in price and location for camps. Get the full details HERE.

    PRE-K CAMPS (ages 3-6)

    • Little Chefs Camp
    • Little Inventor's Camp
    • Little Princess Camp

    DAY CAMPS (ages 6-12)

    • Camp 'Rock Your Socks Off' - kids can go swimming, rock climbing, and more.

    SPECIALTY CAMPS (ages 6-12)

    • Medic Camp
    • Survival Camp
    • Intro to Theatre
    • Wizards Camp


    • Battlebots Camp
    • Coding Camp
    • Girl's Engineering & Science Camp
    • Drones Camp

    TEEN CAMPS (ages 12-15)

    • Teen Art and Design Camp

    SPORTS CAMPS (ages vary)

    • Soccer Camp
    • Volleyball Camp
    • Lifetime Sports Camp (various sports)
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    Credit: monkeybusinessimages | Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Kids in Action

    Nampa Rec Center

    The Nampa Recreation Center offers daily camps throughout the whole year! If your kid is going on spring break has a random day off from school, need a day with their peers, or need some before and after school care, you can take them to the Nampa Rec Center's Kids in Action program. 

    It's open to all kids in Nampa public, private, and charter schools enrolled in grades K-5.

    Before and After School - These services run from 6:30 a.m. - 7:45 a.m. "or until transportation departs to your child's school." After school, your kiddo can be transported to the rec center from school, and the aftercare runs until 6:30 p.m; KIA also provides a snack for the kiddos after school.

    All Day Service - If your kiddo is in the Nampa School District, the rec center provides all day service that coincide with the district's scheduled days off (including spring/holiday breaks).

    While the kids are at the Rec Center, they have a chance to go swimming, play indoor sports, play games, watch movies, and more!

    Here's how much you'll have to fork out for this awesome service.

    Before OR After School - $9 (non-member), $7 (member) per day.

    Before OR After School (w/transportation) - $9 (non-member), $7 (member) per day + $0.50 (transportation).

    Before & After School - $12.50 (non-member), $10.50 (member) per day.

    Before & After School (w/transportation) - $12.50 (non-member), $10.50 (member) per day. + $0.50 (transportation).

    Full Day - $20 (non-member), $18 (member) per day.

    Half Day (when available) - $13.50 (non-member), $11 (member) per day + $0.50 (transportation).

    Before School & Half Day - $16.50 (non-member), $14 (member) per day.

    Lunch - $3

    CLICK HERE to get the registration form. Print and fill it out when you drop off your kiddo and you'll be all set for at least three weeks.

  • Credit: romrodinka | Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Credit: romrodinka | Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Wings Center Boise

    Wings Center in Boise is offering Spring Break day camps for kiddos in the West Ada school districts. Kids that attend will have an opportunity to go swimming in their indoor facility, field trips, themed fun and games, rock climbing, inflatables, gym games and more.

    Hours: 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily

    Rates (K-8): 

    • 1 day: $44
    • 2 days: $76
    • 3 days: $106
    • 4 days: $138
    • 5 days: $165

    Rates (ages 3-5):

    • 1 day: $5
    • 2 days: $77
    • 3 days: $108
    • 4 days: $144
    • 5 days: $169

    CLICK HERE for the registration form.

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