Tomorrow is the big day and YOU could be joining us with dinner, limo ride, and front row seats to the show... but you have to know how to do it!


STEP 1.     Listen to Rick and Carly tomorrow morning just after 7 o'clock


STEP 2.     Be caller 12 at 338-1043 when Rick and Carly tell you to call in.


STEP 3.     Answer 3 Tim or Faith questions within 10 seconds and win.


STEP 4.     Follow Rick and Carly on Instagram (Click Here to Follow) and receive a major advantage.  We give you the answers to the questions we'll ask.


STEP 5.     Clear your calendar for Thursday night because you'll be eating dinner with Rick and Carly at El Tenampa, then jumping into your sweet ride from Gentleman Limousines and sitting in the front row for the biggest concert this year.