Imagine waking up to find a strange man rapping in your kitchen! It happened to one Idaho woman. Here's her story!


The incident happened in Twin Falls; the woman, who wishes to remain unidentified woke up to find 35 year old Scott Aaron Ryals rapping in her kitchen!


According to KTVB, Ryals tried to break into a car next door, but when that didn't work out he stumbled into the woman's home and started rapping!


Ryals had no idea anyone was home until the woman caught him and he tried to escape out a sliding glass door.


When that didn't work, the woman pointed the man towards the front door and called 911!


Ryals was found with a meth pipe in his pocket, but he didn't steal or destroy anything in the woman's home and she was left unharmed.


The rapping intruder is now facing charges of unlawful entry and drug possession.