Sunday Morning, the Caldwell Police Department responded to shots fired just after 2:45 am. They received multiple calls of a shooting near the College of Idaho campus on East Oak Street.

When the Caldwell police officers arrived, they observed students running from the location in fear. The police then forced entry into the site and conducted a protective sweep for victims. Officers discovered that no one had been shot or injured. Their preliminary investigation suggests a verbal altercation outside of the home after two or three males were not allowed to enter the house for the party.

Shortly after that, it's believed that the individual(s) parked near the residents fired rounds in the direction of the home. The gunfire struck parked vehicles near the house. Even though multiple were fired in the direction of the home, no one appeared to have been hit by the gunfire.

Sunday morning, the College of Idaho Campus Security ensured residents were given shelter for the night and helped with the investigation. According to the Caldwell Police report, this appears to be isolated, and they believe there is an immediate threat to the community. The Caldwell Police continue to look for the suspect(s) involved in this incident and any witnesses.

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Caldwell Police Chief Rex Ingram said, "luckily, no one was injured in the cowardly attack. I can assure the public that we will find the suspects and bring them to justice. I'm proud of my officers who swiftly responded to the gunfire, putting themselves at risk for innocent members of our community."

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