How many chicken wings will people eat? People would miss WHAT to attend the game?

It's almost time for one of the biggest sporting events of the year: Super Bowl! Here are some interesting facts about the Super Bowl from WalletHub that will blow your mind!

  • The New England Patriots hold the NFL record for most Super Bowl appearances with 9!
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    would make ME feel better.

  • The average price for a Super Bowl LI tickets is $5,216!!
  • The cost for a :30 second ad during the Super Bowl will cost a company $5 million!!!
  • And even with that big investment...80% of commercials have no impact on sales boosts or purchase intent.
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    from the Volkswagen 2011 commercial featuring the kid in a Darth Vader costume (5.3 million).

  • Chicken wings that will be consumed: 1.23+ billion
  • Beer cases that will be sold: 51.7+ million