Every time Boise Weekly publishes an edition of their magazine, you get to see a local artist's work right on the cover. According to Boise Weekly, they're one of the only papers in America, "to put fine art on its cover." But what if you could look at that beautiful artwork far beyond the print copy? Well, now you can.

Boise Weekly will be giving you a chance to take home the original artwork seen on their covers at the annual Boise Weekly Cover Art Auction. This year, the artwork will be on display at the Visual Arts Collective in Garden City, on Wednesday, Oct. 2.

There is a $20 entrance fee, but that does go toward your bid. Proceeds from the event will go to fund "arts organizations, artists and art projects." Since 2002, Boise Weekly has raised almost $300,000!

CLICK HERE to get all the event details.

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