Adventures in Snow Surrounded Idaho Hot Springs
I did what any respectable woman would do and took my suit top off to enjoy the natural hot springs in my all natural attire. It was a little embarrassing when a group of people silently snuck up on us. I had my back to them most of the time but ooops. I guess we weren't as alone as we thought.…
Top Voted Items to Buy at Idaho Trader Joes
Once I carefully maneuver into a spot if I am lucky enough then these are a few of the top items I will be grabbing along with some other personal faves. These are the top choice of Trader Joes items to buy in 2021 from crew members and shoppers.
Idaho Health Care Workers Start Getting Vaccine
Some front line health care workers have already had the vaccine in Boise. Other Idaho Hospitals are expecting their cases to show up any day. Nearly all main Idaho hospitals should have the vaccines for front line health care workers by the end of the week.
Fighting Insomnia In Boise
I don't know what causes insomnia. I think I have an idea of what causes mine. It's not that I'm not tired, because I am. It's not that I don't want to go to bed, because I do. For me, it's a combination of stress, caffeine, and the inability to turn my brain off...
Unhealthy Amount of Drinking in Boise This Christmas
As we head into Christmas, what many believe to be a wonderful holiday, others find incredibly stressful. Not being able to provide Christmas for their families like their parents did for them is often a point that causes disappointment and even shame...
Boise Boy Saved at St. Jude – Jack and Tiffany’s Story
Jack is a local Boise teenager who was saved at St. Jude when his rare and severe brain tumor was not responding to over two years of chemo at St. Luke's. Jacks mom Tiffany shared with me the families journey from heartbreaking diagnosis to ups and downs of Jack's experiences.
Gov. Little Rolling Idaho Back to Stage 3
I cant say I didn't see this coming. I was surprised he didn't roll us back to stage 3 last week. With cases skyrocketing in the state and colder weather and official 'flu' season upon us, I can be the only one feeling a little nervous.

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